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Our comprehensive sales assessments make it easier to separate the pretenders from the contenders by identifying the DNA of a successful sales rep.
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What’s wrong with traditional hiring practices?

High turnover of sales representatives is a plague affecting businesses across industries. Despite the ongoing problems, managers still rely on the same old hiring practices that have been delivering underwhelming results for years. In reality, resumes and face-to-face interviews are perfectly valid and effective methods for finding the right talent, but they only represent pieces to a larger puzzle. That’s where our Sales DNA Assessment comes into play.

What Is Sales DNA? 

Sales DNA is that X-Factor you look for in every sales rep. It’s not easily identifiable through standard hiring procedures such as resumes and interviews, but it’s clear when exhibited by a top sales performer. Sales DNA is a collection of skills, insights, and characteristics that suggests a candidate is well-positioned to become an excellent salesperson. When you’re able to detect these attributes during the hiring process, you have a better chance of finding the right person the first time around.

What Does the Sales DNA Assessment Reveal?

Our specially designed Sales DNA Assessment reveals a candidate’s abilities in nine sales-relevant categories including:

Prospecting Capabilities

Having a continuous stream of leads is critical to your business’s success. Through our Sales DNA Assessment, you can pinpoint which candidates show a strong ability to generate new prospects time and time again.

High-Ticket Closing

It takes a special kind of salesperson to sell high-ticket items. We identify unique skills and characteristics that demonstrate a candidate’s confidence in encouraging customers to invest in these high-end products.


As the needs of your business change, you’ll need a flexible and coachable team of salespeople who can adapt to meet these new requirements. Our assessment will make it easier to determine which potential hires are coachable and which are static.


Desire isn’t something that can be taught. It’s a deep-seated drive that has to come from within. This assessment will help determine which candidates will do whatever it takes to succeed and which lack the impetus.

One Call Closing

Every extra call it takes to land a sale represents more money and time invested. With Sales DNA Assessment, you can easily determine which candidates demonstrate the ability to one-call close sales with a track record to boot.


Our highly detailed assessment is able to identify characteristics that aren’t easy to pinpoint but make a massive difference in performance. These intangibles aren’t going to come to light on a resume or during a face-to-face interview.


You need a salesperson who’s not afraid of competition with other reps both inside and outside of the team We can help you identify ambitious candidates that thrive in competitive spheres and that are always looking to beat the top performers.


Upselling is an important characteristic of a successful salesperson who you’d want to keep on board. Our assessment will help you determine which candidates have strong skills in upselling and improving the lifetime value of customers.

Sales-Position Fit

Each salesperson has unique strengths and preferences that make them a good fit for various types of selling. We take the guesswork out of assigning sales positions by making recommendations based on a candidate’s results.

Our comprehensive sales assessments make it easier to separate the pretenders from the contenders by identifying the DNA of a successful sales rep.